RouteMax New Features: Anchor Points and More

RouteMax v1.16 is live!

In this month’s release, RouteMax development teams are excited to announce some great new features designed to enhance and streamline the user experience for back-office teams. Check out the details for what was included in the update below.

Route ‘Anchor Points’

An Anchor point is a virtual stop which signifies a pickup heavy area. We use these anchor points in our route optimization to account for pickups. We terminate the delivery routes close to these anchor points (Pickup heavy areas)

  • We have the state-of-the-art machine learning models which process the historical deliveries and pickups data and predict these anchor points
  • Planners and Dispatchers can also create, update, or delete these anchor points on-the-fly.
  • RouteMax gives planners complete control over anchor points. 
RouteMax Anchor Points

Special routes creation based on customer preferences

Not all customers – or routes – are built the same. Giving users better tools to create unique routes based on a variety of operational parameters helps ensure faster and more accurate service for their customers

  • Planners can ensure the correct routing of customers who require straight trucks, pups, or shorter vans (such as 40’) with ease, even for new or uncoded consignees. RouteMax will retain these requirements for future use.
  • This will be very helpful in cases like sending a straight truck to downtown routes, etc.

Automated Location Geocoding

When adding new locations to the database, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to stop because of missing data. With this helpful new feature, planners and dispatchers won’t miss a beat.

  • We automatically Geocode all the deliveries and pickups and retain the location information.
  • So, if carriers don’t have the customer latitude and longitudes, we will geocode them based on the addresses.

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