Pickup and Delivery Optimization

Pickup and Delivery, Perfected

Intelligent and real-time routing, dispatching, and driver management tools designed to streamline every step in your pick-up and delivery operation.

Reduce drivers needed by over 5%

Reduce miles per stop by over 5%

Shorten route planning time by up to 50%

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RouteMax improves city operations and cuts costs with advanced route optimization, intelligent dispatching and a smart driver mobile app


Dynamic Routing Trims Drivers and Miles

Create optimal routes that cover multiple geo-areas, while still meeting all operational constraints.


Make Planners, Dispatchers, and Drivers Highly Efficient

Manage end-to-end Pickup and Delivery (P&D) operations in one platform, facilitating smooth data flow, automation, and ease of use for everybody.


Reduce Reliance Upon Tribal Knowledge and Legacy Systems

Map-based interface plus advanced route optimization enables any user to plan routes quickly.


Provide Real-time Asset and Driver Visibility

Give dispatchers constant visibility of the overall P&D operation with smart alerts for potential service failures.

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Optimized Routing

Create routes that meet all operational constraints, while reducing the number of drivers needed and miles driven.

Cutting-Edge Optimizer

Honor all the variables – delivery time windows, multiple trailer types, freight arrival times, driver availability, historical pickup density, etc. – and create optimized routes that work in the real world.

Smart and Easy Interactivity

Intuitive map-based displays and fluid workflows enable planners to visualize routes and make changes on the fly.

Proactive alerts on late arriving bills or equipment shortages and data driven feedback on impacts of manual route changes help planners make smarter decisions.

RouteMAX’s unique combination of route optimization and intuitive user workflows has delivered better visibility, rapid route planning and improved utilization of our drivers and equipment.

– Rohit Lal, CIO

Integrate with Linehaul and Dock Systems

Real-time data integration with dock productivity and linehaul systems empowers planners to be proactive instead of reactive and generate realistic routes.

Robust, Scalable and Secure

Designed to handle the complexity and uncertainty of LTL P&D operations, and automatically scales to meet growing business, disaster recovery and security needs.

Intelligent Dispatching

Optimize the Pickup & Delivery operation and increase efficiency.

Real-Time Visibility

Gain real-time visibility of all drivers and stops, and drill down into specific routes or stop details to ensure route compliance.

High-performance mapping gives dispatchers a bird’s eye view of all drivers, with support for dual monitors to pop out maps into an ever-present live view.

Optimize Assignments

Save precious time and take a data-driven approach to rapidly assign single or multiple pickups to the best drivers considering all operating constraints.

Third Party Integrations

Turbocharge your dispatch operations with third-party integration to apps that support limited access detection, geocoding, real-time tracking for customers and shippers, electronic bills of lading, and more.

Advanced Compliance Reports

Convenient Dock and Route compliance reports inform leadership of deviations from the plan to facilitate coaching and maximize ROI.

Seamless Communication

Built-in standardized text messages, smart replies and a simple interface makes dispatcher-driver communication quick and easy.

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We ramped up RouteMax very quickly and with hardly any snags.  We noticed great improvements and savings on day one.

Robert Bernal, Director of IT, South Western Motor Transport

Smart Mobile App

Intuitive workflows, minimal data entry and constant re-optimization of stops makes drivers more efficient.

Save your drivers time and headaches.

RouteMax continuously re-sequences the remaining stops based on time commitments, current traffic and new pickups so drivers can ensure on-time service.

Eliminate the need to switch between apps and automate data entry for odometer, eDVIR, IFTA, lunch times, and more.

Voice Alerts: Text-to-speech alerts for pickup assignment and messages allows drivers to listen to critical information without losing focus on driving.

Turn-by-Turn Directions Truck-specific turn-by-turn navigation considers trailer length, hazmat restrictions, traffic conditions, low bridges, and other requirements, simplifying the driver’s day.
Fast Onboarding of Drivers: Simple and intuitive smart workflows minimize keystrokes and reduce driver frustration.

Paperless Pickup & Delivery: Empower drivers to focus on freight over paperwork with built-in digital hazmat placarding, BOL, signature and delivery receipts that quicken and automate freight bill processing.

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