Optym Explores Long-Term Partnership with Ekol Logistics

ISTANBUL, TURKEY – On a recent trip to Istanbul, Optym’s President & CEO, Ravi Ahuja, met with executives of Ekol Logistics. With locations in Turkey and throughout Europe, Ekol offers integrated logistics and supply chain solutions to its customers from a wide range of industries.

Accompanied by Arthur Ghulyan, Executive Director of Optym Armenia, Ravi gave an overview of Optym’s specialty software products for the trucking industry. The meeting was attended by several board members, as well as Ahmet Musul, founder and chairman of the board of Ekol Logistics.

Ekol Logistics described the challenges they are facing in bringing optimization techniques to their operations, with pickup and delivery operations, in particular, being their biggest pain point at this time. As a result, Ekol and Optym agreed to engage in a long-term partnership beginning with pickup and delivery optimization and adding linehaul optimization in the next phase.

With a worldwide presence from both companies and a whole suite of solutions being offered by Optym designed specifically for the trucking industry, this new collaboration is sure to be a success for both companies going forward.

The team also enjoyed a lunch together at one of the finest restaurants in Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus River.

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