Linehaul Network Plan Optimization

Optimal Network Plans, Every Time

Create better network plans, faster with automated linehaul network planning software designed to maximize efficiency and profitability of your linehaul operation.

Reduce linehaul miles by over 2%

Reduce empties by over 5%

Decrease planning time by up to 80+%

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HaulPlan helps carriers plan smarter, react faster, and increase profit

Reduce Linehaul Costs

Reduce Linehaul Costs

Optimized load plans and schedules reduce linehaul and handling costs to increase profit.

Improve Service Quality

Improve Service Quality

Optimized shipment routing reduces service delays, improves on-time performance and increases customer satisfaction.

Responsive Linehaul Planning

Responsive Linehaul Planning

Automated linehaul planning reduces plan creation time from days to hours, supporting quicker, more frequent changes to plans.

Powerful Planning Options

Powerful Planning Options

Create plans considering endless day-of-week and week-of-month scenarios to support the variability of high-volume LTL operations.

What If Scenario

What-If Scenario Analysis

Easily and proactively understand the impact of complicated operational changes, such as gaining or losing a customer, to shifting zip codes or switching facilities.

Adv Strat Planning

Advanced Strategic Planning

Design networks from scratch using advanced simulation and modeling technology, and make strategic decisions based on science over institutional knowledge.

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Comprehensive Linehaul Planning

Optimize strategic and tactical planning and redesign networks to reduce linehaul cost.

Strategic Planning

Upgrade/Downgrade Mode: Plan for facility expansion or reduction automatically with Upgrade and Downgrade engine modes.

Service Rationalization: Plan for facility expansion or reduction automatically with Upgrade and Downgrade engine modes.

Hub Operating Window Expansion: Plan for facility expansion or reduction automatically with Upgrade and Downgrade engine modes.

HaulPlan has become an integral part of our strategic planning tools and continues to support our efforts to gain efficiency in multiple facets of our network design.

Jeff Owen, Director of Linehaul- Developer

Hub Skipping

Automatically identify where to build directs to skip handling, reducing cost and risk across the network.

Network Design Planning

Redesign and optimize break locations and service product offerings to save money and increase competitiveness.

Third-Party Plan Optimization

Create holistic plans that include optimization of third party rail and purchase plans.

Disruption Planning

Adapt linehaul plans for weather and terminal disruptions to minimize cost and mitigate service impact when adversity strikes.

Sophisticated Modeling

Enjoy advanced LTL planning and create a “digital twin” of any network.

Day of Week Modeling

Analyze differences in demand by day-of-week or month to make smarter decisions based on the real-world variability of your network.

LTL-Tailored Algorithms

Advanced algorithms built specifically for the LTL industry help LTL carriers not just find a solution, but find the best solution.

Time-Space Simulation

Proprietary time-space LTL network simulations bring detailed Insights and enhanced decision-making capabilities planners.

Purchase Third Party and Rail Transportation

Model and optimize third party one-way transportation options to help you improve the balance of your network.

Model rail transportation options by day-of-week to help you leverage rail opportunities and minimize cost.

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HaulPLAN has been used to empower our planners to easily see the network impact of our decisions, design temporary weather or covid impacted alternatives, and seamlessly push our changes into our execution system, saving us time and money.

Jeff Owen, Director of Linehaul- Developer

Unparalleled Insights

View your network from every angle to understand the true impact of future decisions.

Advanced Analytics

Proactively see the impact of different scenarios, including network expansions, plan adjustments, and zip-to-terminal mapping changes.

Understand the latest possible time a shipment must leave any facility considering all operating windows and travel times.

Linehaul Cost

Service Violation

Loaded Miles

Empty Miles

Handling Cost

Load Average

Lane Balance

Purchase and Rail Cost

Network Cost Simulation​

Calculate the cost of any deviation in your network, such as changes in demand, load plans, and weather.

Zip-to-Terminal Mapping

Visualize the impact on load average and cost when shifting zip codes between terminals.

Tonnage Fluctuation ​

See how plan costs change as specific lanes increase or decrease volume and proactively prepare for change before it happens.

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