HaulPlan What’s New: Q4 2021

This last quarter, our dev teams have been hard at work making sure that the industry’s leading LTL network optimization software continues to get better. Below are just a few new feature and capability highlights that we’d like to share.

Rail Eligibility Report

You can now download a report that shows which services are eligible on rail by Day of Week.

  • For each day of week, this file lists services that are eligible to move on rail and indicates which day of week the rail load can be used.

Improved Partner Service Visibility

We have made multiple improvements for analyzing and changing Partner Services within HaulPlan.

  • Partner tonnage is now included in the recommendation grid “Affected Weight” column.

New and Updated Reports

  • Missing Load Plan Validation Reports (updated): You can now see all Services that were not given a Load Plan during initial file upload.
  • Missing Dispatch Plan Validation Reports (new): You can now see all Active Loads that were not given a Dispatch Plan during initial file upload.

HaulPlan Branding Improvements

Updated the colors, look, and feel of the application to better align with the new HaulSuite global brand standards.

For more details about these or other improvements, you can find a full list of new features by clicking the “Release Notes” button on the HaulPlan home page.

Have an idea for a new feature?

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