Freight Pricing Optimization

Design the Perfect Rates for Your Network, Faster Than Ever.

A flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use revenue management tool to improve profitability for the API-connected shipper market.

Rapid and Accurate Rate Changes

Improve Operating Ratios

Incentivize Customer Behavior

FreightIQ helps LTL carriers find, design, and implement the best rates for every facet of their network.

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Flexible and Configurable

Finite control of rates at any level to influence the desired network outcomes, maximize profitability and incentivize customer behavior.

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Fast and Responsive

Leverage operational data to get an accurate picture of pricing needs in near real-time and make and implement adjustments in a flash.

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Easy to Use and Easy to Measure

Intuitive tools designed to help you implement changes and measure results more quickly and easier than ever before.

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Future-Proof Technology

Enterprise-grade technology designed to integrate and scale easily with your existing technology and business needs.

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Big Data Insights

Connect, unify, and analyze all your data in one place to make more rapid and accurate rate adjustments

Industry-First Capabilities

  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing TMS and pricing APIs to unify all your critical operational, customer, and location data

  • Algorithmically generated pricing recommendations from advanced AI-enabled pricing optimization

  • Collaborate with other stakeholders to help define and inform pricing decisions

Finite Pricing Controls

Leverage more pricing factors than ever to quickly influence network performance.

Freight Characteristics

Weight, class, dimensions, accessorials

Location Attributes

Regions, terminals, lanes and more

Time Factors

Seasons, time of month, day of week, etc.

Other Attributes

Contract vs dynamic tariffs, API access, eBOL, and other carrier-defined attributes

Rate Performance Analysis

Eliminate “reporting lag” to see how new rates are performing and respond to market conditions more quickly.

  • See how the market is responding to new pricing models in near real time
  • Respond and adjust rates sooner to prevent issues and costly mistakes from hitting your operations

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