Use Science to Support Intuition

Leverage our extensive LTL experience and advanced algorithms and technology to optimize your planning and operations

Validate your company’s business strategy

Assess the
impacts of
policy changes

Calculate the ROI of technology enhancements

Identify opportunities for performance improvement

Find answers to the most demanding questions about your transportation and logistics business

Advisory Consulting

Gain unbiased advice about emerging market and technology trends to ensure your decisions are aligned with long-term strategic goals.

SWOT Analysis

Understand the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats surrounding new technology investments.

System Assessment

Analyze your current systems in place, determine their suitability to meet your future needs and develop a roadmap to transition the current state into the future state.

Operational Data Analysis

Examine your operational data to identify performance bottlenecks, perform root cause analysis and recommend areas of improvement.

Technology-enabled Consulting

We use our software products to model current and future system behavior and enable you to make the best decisions for your corporation. We can also build new software systems in a rapid development mode to meet the needs of a consulting engagement in several ways: 


Rapid prototyping to evaluate the feasibility of a new way of running the business and its impact on the operational cost. 


 A new clean-sheet operating plan, such as a new routing plan or a new linehaul schedule.


 The network and determine whether terminals are at the right location and they have the right capacity. 


 The benefits of infrastructure investments by evaluating potential changes and determining their impact on your KPIs.

Using Optym’s consulting team to enhance our network planning bandwidth has allowed us to quickly do large-scale high-impact studies and capitalize on savings opportunities faster.

Mark Mathis, Vice President, Linehaul Network Solutions- Developer

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