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HaulSuite’s planning and execution solutions help less–than-truckload carriers make smarter decisions, cut costs, and improve service.

Built Upon Decades of Technological Innovations

Our goal is to make every LTL carrier more efficient, more productive and more profitable through the use of technology. Optym, has over twenty years of experience in applying automation and optimization technology to the world’s largest airlines, railroad and less than truckload companies. Now, we’ve harnessed this power for the truckload industry in HaulSuite.

HaulSuite is unlocking the same efficiencies for LTL carriers as Optym has done for these global corporations

Proven leadership surrounded by exceptional talent

HaulSuite’s leadership team includes professionals with decades of experience in trucking, transportation management system software solution development, business optimization and SaaS software commercialization.

Ravi Ahuja, Ph.D.
Founder & CEO, Optym
  • Ravi is an academician turned entrepreneur. In a distinguished academic career spanning over 30 years, he has taught at several prestigious universities including MIT. Ravi founded Optym in 2000 to bring optimization to the transportation industry and made it a highly successful company. Ravi founded AllMile to bring unprecedented efficiencies to the LTL industry through optimization.

Lance Healy
Vice President – LTL Innovations
  • With 20+ years of transportation technology leadership experience, Lance brings a wealth of industry knowledge in LTL technology. Prior to joining HaulSuite, Lance co-founded a company that pioneered carrier-shipper API technology. As the current Vice President of LTL Innovations, Lance is focused on working closely with carriers, industry experts, and other technology providers to chart the future of HaulSuite product development and LTL efficiencies through tech. He graduated with honors with two bachelor’s degrees from Ohio University.

Rambabu Yadlapalli
Director - Routing Systems
  • Rambabu is an experienced product leader with over 10 years in software engineering in a variety of industries. For the past five years, he has been leading the development of the RouteMax solution, focusing on the unique needs of less-than-truckload pickup and delivery operations. Rambabu is responsible for the full product lifecycle management – from ideation to launch, to customer relations and system integrations and more. He has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad and holds a variety of technical certifications for software development.

Kory Harb
Director of Product
  • Kory has over 6 years of experience delivering value to the transportation and logistics industry through optimization and decision-support products. An Industrial Engineer by education, he has brought efficiency to the LTL industry over the last 5 years by delivering optimization and analytics products to some of the top carriers in the industry. Kory specializes in leadership, design, consulting, and growth in his pursuit of a waste-free world.

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